Lunch and Learn with Tim Duggan and Christine Mondor

Lunch and Learn with Tim Duggan and Christine Mondor

On June 30th, the Clean Rivers Campaign hosted a Lunch and Learn for the Campaign’s endorsing organizations and partner municipalities at the Energy Innovation Center. Landscape architect and previous Beyond Tunnel Vision speaker, Tim Duggan of Phronesis Design and Christine Mondor of EvolveEA each discussed Green Infrastructure watershed level concept designs for priority sheds in Pittsburgh and how we can take a holistic approach to stormwater management while creating maximum community benefits.

Tim Duggan

Tim Duggan of Phronesis Design

About 40 attendees representing various environmental groups, neighborhoods, and municipalities learned from Tim Duggan about Kansas City’s shift in their Consent Decree from a plan that would have built underground tunnels to one that maximizes community benefits by investing first in Green Infrastructure. In sharing his concept design for Panther Hollow Watershed, he discussed the necessity of thinking holistically about stormwater management planning (like integrating transportation and other systems), but also about the importance of community outreach, saying “community engagement will make [these projects] sustainable.”



Christine Mondor pointing out the specifics of the Heth’s Run concept designs.

Christine Mondor, Principal of EvolveEA, who is working on the Heth’s Run project among others, underscored the importance of community engagement and presented on concept designs for Heth’s Run. With the project being a collaboration between the City of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, and the Pittsburgh Zoo, concept designs that maximize community benefits are underway.



Green Infrastructure concept designs for Heth’s Run showing the added value to the neighborhood.

James Stitt from the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority closed out the session by discussing PWSA’s strategic green infrastructure planning, how the authority can play a role in helping these watershed level designs develop, and how municipalities can implement them in their own communities. Attendees also discussed how municipalities can find funding for these types of projects and generate support from their community leaders for Green Infrastructure.

"This is a whole new way of looking at infrastructure” - James Stitt, PWSA

“This is a whole new way of looking at infrastructure” – James Stitt, PWSA

Thank you to our speakers Tim Duggan, Christine Mondor, and James Stitt! Thank you to the Energy Innovation Center for hosting us! And thank you to our community partners and endorsing organizations for a great discussion!




In case you missed it, see the PowerPoints below!

Tim Duggan PowerPoint

Christine Mondor’s PowerPoint

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