CRC Spring Events!

The Clean Rivers Campaign had two big events within the past few weeks. Read more about how the CRC has been spending it’s time!

Clean Rivers Campaign Happy Hour

Last Thursday, May 1st, the Clean Rivers Campaign hosted a Happy Hour. This event was an opportunity for the campaign and its supporters to meet, mingle, network and celebrate the success of the campaign over the last two years. Borelli Edwards Gallery on Butler Street in Lawrenceville hosted the Happy Hour. The gallery was simultaneously hosting the art of Cynthia Cooley’s exhibit Pittsburgh Evolves: Looking Back, Looking Forward. Cynthia’s beautiful paintings of Pittsburgh landscapes, scenes and landmarks provided a unique and relevant background for the conversations of the Happy Hour. Old and familiar faces made up the great turnout. Check out a few pictures below of attendees showing their support for the campaign. You can see more pictures on Clean Rivers Campaign’s Facebook page.









Clean Rivers Campaign’s Earth Day 2014 Walking Tour


Tour participants learn about the green infrastructure projects behind the Millvale Library

The Clean Rivers Campaign has created a series of walking tours called the Neighborhood Eco Walking Tour series. Each tour is an opportunity for anyone to learn more about green infrastructure and how it can benefit a community.



A high water mark in the business district of Millvale shows how high the flood water rose during the 2004 flood.

Partnering with Venture Outdoors, CRC kicked off the series with a tour in Millvale, PA. The borough has made great strides in incorporating green infrastructure into the community. The tour started at the Millvale Library. The very first library for Millvale, it is a great community resource but it is also an impressive green building. From solar panels on the roof to rain barrels in the backyard, the library utilizes natural resources to operate. Aside from operating the library and beautifying the neighborhood, green infrastructure serves another very important purpose for Millvale.



Girty’s Run travels through Millvale and has caused flooding problems for the borough. A CSO is located under a bridge. Tour participants learned about the CSO and flooding in Millvale.

Located along the Allegheny River and with
its own Girty’s Run, Millvale is susceptible to flooding. They suffered from a massive flood in 2004 which destroyed and damaged homes andbuildings. Tired of sewage backing up in their basements and floods damaging their infrastructure, Millvale turned to green infrastructure to absorb the rainwater before it hits the sewer system. The borough’s rain barrels, rain gardens, urban farm, street trees and bioswales all help prevent flooding in town.


The tour stops at the Urban Farm to learn about how it was created and how it is managed by Millvale resident Tom Walker.


Tour participants learn more about the Millvale community gardens from Mandy Wolovich.


The tour makes a stop at the delicious Jean-Marc Chatellier Bakery.

Residents of Millvale joined the tour to explain how each project had been implemented and how it has benefited the community. Councilman Brian Wolovich joined the tour at the library and spoke about how their green efforts came about from community interest. Residents Tom Walker and Mandy Wolovich also joined the tour to speak about the urban farm and community gardens respectively. Tom initiated the creation of the urban farm and continues to maintain it, frequently donating produce to his neighbors. Mandy helped bring the community gardens to life as co-chair of the project. Interested residents claim a spot within the garden and maintain it throughout the year. After the 2004 flood damaged several homes in Millvale, the borough was able to use the vacated land for the gardens. Mandy and her colleagues plan to donate the garden’s produce to residents and the food bank this year.



The tour ended with delicious pastries in town and some participants joined an optional part at Mt. Alvernia where Sister Donna spoke about their bioswales.